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Samedi, 01 Août 2009 16:42

Tired of browsing dozens of forums to find the application you are looking for ?

Tired of never finding the application you want ?

Then OWMM is made for you !

A simple search by keywords or category, 1 click, and the application is directly installed on your phone !

No immediate connexion ? No problem, searches and application descriptions are also available offline !



OWMM stands for "Open Windows Mobile Market" and is pronouced like home. It's a free program on Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 that allows people to search and download software of any kind. On the developer side, software can be submitted on a web server, freely for non-paying type software.


Client-side application

On the client side, OWMM is a little application that runs on any pocket PC which uses Windows Mobile as operating system. This application allows you to perform searches on our software database, by keyword, category or OS.

Once you have found the software you were looking for, you simply click on it in the list to get a more detailed description. Then you can choose to download it, and OWMM will automatically install it.


Server-side application

On the server side, OWMM consists in a simple form in which developers can submit their software, giving some information on it, like its name, version, some descriptions, screenshots etc... The developers must give a direct link to download the application.



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